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Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 01:47:05 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with Creative Endeavors 4Adventures with Creative Lolita Nudes Endeavors By Stephanie ( 4: "Office Party Orgy" As an employee (on the side) of Creative Endeavors, Inc., Stephanie was invited to attend the company's annual get-together at the office. Nearly all of the employees showed up for the party wearing their hottest clothes and Stephanie finally got to meet some of her fellow tranny escorts, many of whom she didn't know because everybody, of course, had different assignments at different places, and at different times so the most she saw of anybody but Susan and Hannah was in passing and even then she had never really been introduced to anybody. Stephanie hung out in the lobby for awhile, grabbed some food and drink, and struck up a few conversations with some of the other ladies. Susan and Hannah were, of course, at the meeting and waded in among the guests as well for awhile before Conversations ranged from the mundane to the erotic, talking about their clients, new tips and tricks of the trade, and the wide range of activities, sexual and otherwise, they had been involved with on the job. In most jobs, Stephanie knew that these kinds of stories were often referred to as "war stories". However, here at Creative Endeavors, she knew that the "war stories" were definitely of a much more pleasurable variety. As the evening wore on and people's inhibitions gradually loosened, sex became pretty much the only topic under discussion with any enthusiasm, and Stephanie noticed people slowly pairing off and either leaving the office together or slipping into the bathroom together. Listening to the moans and yells that followed, Stephanie didn't have to use her imagination to figure out what was going on. Listening to people making out was starting to make Stephanie feel really horny. She almost felt like dropping her pants and jerking off in the middle of the lobby but wanted to actually do it with somebody else. Jerking off to her was good in a pinch- if she just needed to empty her balls and nobody was available for a "booty call" but of all of the people still left in the building, Stephanie thought, surely there had to be somebody SHE could pair off with too. The few people remaining seemed engrossed in their own conversations. Maybe, she thought, if she pulled off her clothes and started fondling herself, she might just get some attention. However, just before she actually went through with it, Susan opened the door to Hannah's office and popped her head out. "Hey, Stephanie," she exclaimed. Susan's voice pulled Stephanie out of her erotic rumination. "Oh, hi, Susan," she replied back somewhat absentmindedly. "Hannah wanted to know if you might join us for awhile," she announced. "Sounds great," said Stephanie. She was glad to spend time with Susan and Hannah now that most of the remaining partygoers seemed drifting off to their own activities. Susan closed the door behind Stephanie and Stephanie could hear the lock click on the door. Stephanie's heart stopped for a second when she observed what might have been a scene from the movie, "Basic Instinct", with Hannah sitting back in her chair at her desk, her legs provocatively spread and propped up on the desk in front of her so as to reveal that under her tight miniskirt, she was not wearing any panties and that she was sporting an amazing, obviously aroused, cock. She was wearing one of her "conservative" business jackets that spilled out her huge boobs. "Hello, Stephanie," she said, breathily. "Ummm...Hi, Hannah, er...Ms. Sullivan," Stephanie replied, stammering, trying to keep herself under control. "Oh, Stephanie, darling, there's no need to be THAT formal around me anymore. You've been working for me for how long?" "Two months." "And you've done such a good job so far. I'm glad I hired you." "Thanks, I love working here." "I bet you do. Your clients have been very...happy with you." "Oh, good." "There IS something special, however, that I've been wanting from you ever since I hired you but I haven't had an opportunity to talk to you about." "What is that," Stephanie asked. "Well, ever since Susan had told me all about the excellent job you did on your "pre-employment test", I have wanted to experience your *oral abilities* firsthand. Would you be willing to suck me right now as well as you did Susan? I *might* even be willing to negotiate a slight pay increase if you're really as good as Susan says that you are." Stephanie's heart took another leap. In most jobs, this might qualify as outright sexual harassment. But not in THIS job! She actually couldn't wait to go over there, drop to her knees, and suck her boss dry. And, she thought, if she could start making more money here, she might FINALLY be able to quit her day job and be able to live off what she gets here. She might have felt a little like a hooker right then and there but she actually didn't mind it. This was, after all, between co-workers. Stephanie glanced over at Susan standing beside her. Susan smiled reassuringly at Stephanie. "Whatever you say, boss," she exclaimed, as she rushed around Hannah's desk over to where she was sitting. Stephanie wanted to suck that cock of hers so badly, she might have actually offered Hannah money for Lolita Nudes the privilege. Hannah, realizing that she was going to get what she wanted (don't all bosses get what they want?) swiveled her chair to the side facing Stephanie keeping her legs up, which she gently placed on Stephanie's shoulders as Stephanie dropped to her arms knees and started to bent her head forward. Although agency policy called for condom use during any sexual activity with clients, neither Susan nor anybody else had ever laid out what the rules were for sexual activity between employees or, in this case, between boss and employee and, if there were any particular rules, neither Hannah nor Susan said anything to her about them as she settled herself into her preferred cock sucking position. "It's o.k., hon," remarked Hannah, seeming to sense Stephanie's hesitation and uncertainty. "I'm clean." "Oh, o.k. I just wanted to make sure I was conforming to agency policy," Stephanie replied, with an edge of playful sarcasm in her voice. She still seemed somewhat unsure about whether she should go ahead with sucking Hannah off without a condom or if she should use one whether or not it was o.k. with her. However, Stephanie's overwhelming desire to taste Hannah's cock meat seemed to be clouding her sensibilities and ultimately won out as she moved, almost without thinking, her head inexorably to Hannah's crotch and her mouth engulfed Hannah's monstrous, unshielded cock. Out of the corner of her eye, Stephanie could see Susan still standing by the door. She seemed to be enjoying watching Stephanie suck their boss off. After a few minutes of watching her own live porno show, Susan pulled off her top and began fondling her breasts and then pulled her skirt and panties down around her ankles and began jerking her cock while watching. Stephanie became so engrossed in sucking Hannah's cock that she practically jumped when she felt her skirt and panties being removed and her ass pussy being lubed up. She knew instinctively that it had to be Susan trying to join in on the fun and founder herself more than willing to let her. While Stephanie continued to suck hungrily on Hannah's cock, Susan lubed up a finger and stuck it into Stephanie's ass pussy. Stephanie immediately let out a deep moan- although it was largely muffled by Hannah's cock being in her mouth- as Susan worked her finger in and out of her ass pussy for a few minutes while simultaneously reaching around and stroking on Stephanie's cock. This assault Lolita Nudes on her senses made Stephanie even more aggressive with her cocksucking and made her want Hannah's meat even more. Stephanie's cocksucking already seemed to be bringing Hannah unimaginable pleasure as evidenced by her frequent moans. Stephanie could also see Hannah fondling her boobs as Stephanie continued to suck on her. Finally, Stephanie could feel Susan withdraw her finger and her ass pussy was swiftly and fully penetrated by Susan's huge unsheathed cock. Stephanie nearly passed out from the massive assault on her senses brought on by simultaneously sucking her boss' cock and now receiving an aggressive fucking from Susan- who was now plowing her ass pussy with all of her might. Stephanie clamped down her ass muscles slightly to help increase the friction on Susan's cock. Stephanie now found herself literally stuffed head to ass now. It was so unlike ANYTHING she had ever experienced in her entire life. She had never participated in orgy before. It was so wild and hot! Hannah was the first to come, screaming and convulsing wildly as she emptied her balls into her welcoming mouth. Stephanie remained attached to her cock for several minutes as she eagerly swallowed down her entire load as Susan continued to fuck her ass pussy. All of the sucking and fucking had left her cock rock hard and her balls aching but- amazingly- she had not quite been pushed over the edge to orgasm quite yet and she gave Hannah and Susan looks that demanded her immediate release from the torment of her unbearable sexual tension. Both Hannah and Susan, noticing Stephanie's plight, withdrew their cocks from their respective orifices and Hannah slid off her chair and gently pushed Stephanie over on her back and then leaned over her and positioned her head over Stephanie's cock in a 69 position, her own cock dangling over Stephanie's chest, dripping its last remaining cream onto Stephanie's boobs, which Stephanie eagerly licked off. Hannah then began voraciously deep-throating Stephanie's cock and Susan entered Stephanie again and ramped up her thrusting and began cumming as well after a couple of minutes, hosing down the insides of Stephanie's ass with her warm, sticky goo. Stephanie had never had her ass filled before in her life but loved the feeling of it. Finally, Stephanie broke into her own volcanic orgasm that sent her massive load shooting like a rocket into Hannah's willing mouth. Stephanie then felt Susan withdraw her cock from her ass pussy and began lapping up some of the cream that had started leaking out of Stephanie's ass pussy, which caused Stephanie to continue to quiver long after Hannah removed her mouth from her cock. As soon as Stephanie was done cumming, they all collapsed on the floor into a mass of sweaty and cum stained (and in Stephanie's case, cum-filled) bodies. They spent a few minutes panting and kissing and fondling each other gently as they attempted to recover from their unplanned but exciting orgy. "Stephanie, that was the BEST damned blow job I have EVER received," exclaimed Hannah breathlessly. "Susan, you really weren't fucking around with me about how good she is. No wonder our clients are so happy with her!" "She's great to fuck around with too," exclaimed Susan. "Her ass might as well be a real pussy. She knows how to use it RIGHT!" Stephanie was blushing with pride at the compliments being directed her way. She had never received so much praise for something that seemed to come natural for her. "Stephanie, I think that you can count on a higher salary here now. In fact, I want you to just quit your day job and work here with Susan and me every day. You'll now be helping Susan and I run the day to day operation of the business. "Cool. What exactly will I be doing," Stephanie asked, interested. "I'm not entirely sure yet but we'll think of something," replied Hannah coyly, as she and Susan exchanged furtive glances at each other. Stephanie suspected that she knew Lolita Nudes at least part of what her new *responsibilities* might include. "Will I still be going out on dates with clients," Stephanie asked. "Oh, you can still take clients if you want," Hannah replied. "If you don't feel too spent by the end of the day, that is," she added. "I *reluctantly* accept your offer," Stephanie finally announced sarcastically, sure that she was fooling nobody. "Great, put in your two week notice at your other job so you can start putting all of your *assets* to work here," Hannah requested. "Sure thing, boss," exclaimed Stephanie, giving Hannah a mock salute. Stephanie was so excited about her "promotion" she thought she must be dreaming. She had never been able to climb up the ladder this quickly at ANY of her previous jobs. She began thinking that maybe she just hadn't been destined for anything else. Everybody had their talents, after all, she thought. Hers must be sex work, which is about the most awesome "destiny" she could have ever asked for.
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